Production technology

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Harvesting and stocking

We work directly with the purveyors (suppliers at own collection points) that allows us to control and get high quality, pollution-free and safe product, starting from the collection of berries in the forests and more, appropriate preparation of the collectors. All the incoming raw materials, just as ready products, are exposed to the continuous radiological, organoleptic and microbiological control.

Deep freeze

Freeze-quenching of berries (UNIDEX tunnels, production of Poland), allows us to preserve the maximum of flavor and natural characteristics of the product.

Cleaning and sorting

The process of mechanical cleaning is done on the modern production lines MEGA (Poland). Our laser sorting machines BEST Helious and Sortex (Buhler Ltd.) can be called the best in their class. Due to this we gain the greatest results during sorting the products by their color and shape.

Finished product goes for the inspectional control with the metal detector Cassel (Germany).

All the equipment, as well as production premises are exposed to sanitary cleaning and disinfection. This is because, a production hygiene is one of the determining principles for our company.


Finished product is stored at the modern refrigerating chambers under the constant temperature – 22 ºС to – 30 ºС. Traceability system «from the forest to the buyer» allows us to identify the product through all stages of production.


All the products are delivered by the vehicles equipped with the devices for maintaining and controlling the temperature during the whole period of delivery.

Staff personnel

Our company is ISO 9001 and 22000 certified. Modern administrative methods on the basis of international standards, acquired by the employees result in competitiveness of the product on the world market.